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Are you aware that your home is already being repossessed? Many homeowners act too late during home repossession and face an eviction order simply because they did not know what was happening. As they did not know what was happening, they did not know how to look for help, and eventually, it was too late to do anything.

Prevent this situation from happening to you by finding about the different stages of repossession and more abou eviction order, how they work, and what you can do to stop home repossession and eviction notice.

Here are the different stages of repossession:

  1. You receive a letter from your lender demanding payment
  2. You receive a court summons for a hearing
  3. You undergo court hearing sessions
  4. You receive an eviction order

Receiving a Letter From Your Lender

Strictly speaking, this is not yet part of the repossession process, but this eventually leads to receiving an eviction order for home repossession if not handled properly. Receiving the initial letter happens when you have defaulted in your mortgage or loan payments. The first letter will usually be a polite reminder that you have missed your mortgage payments. The next letters may either come from your lender or their solicitor, depending on your lender's policy.

It is very important to note at this point that running away from the problem is not an option. Never ignore these letters, thinking they will go away, because they won't! The problem will exist and it can only get worse and you may soon receive an eviction order.

Instead, you should contact your mortgage lender or their solicitor and discuss the situation you are in, explain how you came to default on your payment and most importantly, specify a payment plan to avoid an eviction order. This will indicate that you have all the intention of being faithful to your loan, which will buy you more time and sympathy from your lenders.

Receiving a Court Summons for a Hearing

If you keep ignoring your lenders and their solicitors, they will soon stop writing you, but only long enough for them to contact the court instead, applying for possession, or repossession of your home.

The court will send you a summons, and you should prepare for it accordingly. You need to explain to the court the circumstances why you were unable to complete your mortgage repayment. At this point you can still settle the loan with your lender and avoid hearing and eviction order.

However, if payments have not been made, then the court will proceed with the hearing and you better make sure that you are present and prepared for these hearings. As is the conduct of the court, it will hear both sides and make a ruling based on the facts presented to it. There are possible scenarios that can happen, ranging from the best-case scenario dismissal of case, to the worst case issuance of eviction order.

Receiving an Eviction Order

This is very worst case that can happen, and one that could have been avoided if you had coordinated with your lenders in the beginning.

Once the eviction order is issued, you are required to leave your home within the given time frame. This does not totally absolve you from responsibilities to your lenders, painful though it may be. If the property sale does not make up the amount loaned to you, you will still be asked to pay for the difference.

We can help you get through any and all of these processes, and you can initiate the process now by calling us or emailing us the details of your situation through the Contact Us page.


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