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After helping hundreds of homeowners to sell their house fast we decided to set up this Fast House Sale Guide. The objective is to reach out to all distressed homeowners out there so that they can sell house fast and get back to the right track in life.

In our Fast House Sale Guide you would get to know about following things:

  • Why do people need quick sale of houses?
  • How to sell a house? What are the common methods?
  • What stop people from selling house fast?
  • Tips on how to sell house fast
  • Useful resources
  • Sell your house in hours

Why do people need quick sale of houses?

There can be several reasons; some are given below. Whatever your situation is, a reputable cash buyer should always be able to help you sell your house fast. You can get an instant offer now.
  1. Repossession
  2. Relocation or emigration
  3. Divorce or separation
  4. Medical problem or bereavement in family
  5. Retirement
  6. Unemployment
  7. Downsizing
  8. Upsizing
  9. Property inheritance
 People often decide to sell house fast to overcome these situations; they can get a lump sum amount in hand from quick sale – this fund can be used to clear mortgage arrears or to solve any other financial problems. 

How to sell house fast? Common methods of property selling

It’s all about marketing – how fast you can reach to your target audience, i.e., the potential buyers is all you need to know. Common methods of property selling are:
  • Through estate agents: You can contact local estate agents to promote your property to the prospective buyers in your area. Estate agents are usually connected with interested buyers in your area. Learn how to sell property using an estate agent.
  • You can sell on your own: Publish ads on local newspapers, communicate with the buyers, arrange viewings, follow up and if they agree to buy then take care of all the legal formalities such as conveyancing and all.
  • Property portals: There are websites that allow you to list your property with small description and pictures; this is a good and trendy way of attracting buyers. Today’s tech savvy people prefer to find things online. You can explore and for more information. 
  • Sell directly to the cash buyers: Cash buyers are professional buyers; they make instant cash offer for your house. When you are in hurry, you can consider selling your house to the cash buyers.

What stop people from selling house fast?

Are you trying to sell your house quickly? You are not alone; there are thousands of people who are trying to sell home fast in order to overcome some problems or the other. All of them complain that it is difficult to sell house fast these days.
As of now, country’s economy is the main factor that is stopping distressed homeowners to sell their houses fast. Repossession rate is pretty high; all those who are facing repossession are trying to sell their house quickly in order avoid repossession. As a result there are more sellers and fewer buyers in the market. So you have to wait long to find a buyer; even if you reduce the asking price, there is no guarantee that you can secure a quick sale of your house.
Broken chain is another big problem; many sellers have fallen prey to broken chains over past couple of years. As first time buyers are not much active and banks have introduced tighter eligibility criteria very few people can now qualify for mortgage. This often leads to broken chains as the prospective buyer fails to secure mortgage to buy houses they step out and the deal gets dropped.
Apart from these, common factors like unreasonable asking price, poor condition of the house, negative equity etc. can work as obstacles and make it difficult for you to sell a house fast.
Let’s see how you can overcome these hindrances and manage to sell your house quickly.

Tips on how to sell house fast

Right strategy and proper understanding of the market condition can actually help you sell your house fast anywhere in the country. 
  • Decide the asking price carefully; do your homework, talk to the experts, know the price of similar properties being sold in your area and then set the price. 
  • Renovate the house if you are going to sell it on the open market. When you sell home through estate agents, it is good to refurbish the property a bit. You can do it yourself also.
  • Work with reputable estate agents to avoid delays and disappointments.
  • Look for local cash buyers; when you need to sell house quickly you can sell the house directly to local cash buyers. Cash buyers are professional buyers; they would buy houses of any type and condition anywhere in the UK.
  • Make sure you are working with a reliable and reputable cash buyer in your area.

Useful resources for the sellers

Here are some useful resources for the sellers:


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